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I have been working with people for the last 25 years. 3 Startups, Top 5 Consulting Companies and a whole lot of clients during this period (Check out my personal site www.rrajendran.com for the gory details!). I published my first book Why Do Elephants Have Big Ears with the stories I used to motivate my team.  I have a blog I write about some of thoughts on various topics.

So what is special about this blog? I wanted to have a bigger canvas than the book to share some of the lessons I have learnt.  Not just tips on how to go up the ladder in the corporate world. But lessons I learnt to create a balance between Work, Life and Your Soul.


Let us break it down. We all have read tips on how to progress on your work front. How to network; how to negotiate your salary; how to impress your boss etc. But what if I could show you how to get what you want from a professional or work perspective while making sure that there is a work- life balance. Spending time with your family and friends outside the office let you enjoy the fruits of the hard work which you put in.

Now extend the same though a little further. What is you can do all this and also make sure that as a person, you are also feeding your soul? You have the peace of mind to enjoy the work and your family. A balancing act, which is not easy to achieve, but something to aspire for as we grow in our career. That is where my “Desi” or Indian background comes to play. The Indian culture, the great teachings of our ancestors provide guidelines on how to achieve this. With my experience in US to counter balance, I hope to able to share tips which will leverage the best of the Indian Spirits and the Western Capitalism

An intersection which will prove a complete set of tips than any you have seen before.

Join me on this journey….

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